is an IP address used by Linksys routers. IP address is used to identify a computer, router, modem, printer or any other component on the network. Your router is responsible for assigning IP addresses to each device in the network. Also router assigns unique IP address to itself so other devices could find it on a network. For Linksys routers this address is by default. It is possible to change this address to a different one but in most networks it stays as is.

If you're not sure that your router is located at you can try using following steps to get its IP address.

Windows OS

1) Press windows Start button on a keyboard or click Start menu.

2) If your OS is Windows 7 or earlier then you will need to type cmd.exe in Start menu Search box. In Windows 8 you need to select search icon and type cmd.exe in edit box which will open.

3) cmd.exe will show up in a list above (on Windows 7) or below (on Windows 8). Click right mouse button on cmd.exe and select "Run as Administrator".

4) In a window which will open type:

ipconfig /all

and then press Enter.

You will see textual information appear on the screen. Search for "Default Gateway" and an address next to it. This IP address is the one used by your router/modem.

For a quicker lookup you can type

ipconfig | findstr /i "Default"

For more information about meaning of other fields displayed by ipconfig tool please read our Network tools article. Also get more information about