Fix DNS errors

If you experience problems with loading websites in your browser it is possible that you have a problem with DNS servers (Domain Name System servers). A typical symptom of DNS error is when browser is stuck in "Resolving website name..." state for a long time. You can see browser state at the status bar at the bottom of the browser window.

DNS errors happen because your internet provider has faulty DNS servers. DNS servers are responsible for translating website name that you typed in a browser address bar to an internet IP address. Without knowing IP address of the website your computer won't know where to go to download website content.

Typically there are several layers of DNS servers on the internet. And first DNS server which your browser will use to get translation to IP address is the server provided to you by your internet provider. Frequently these DNS servers are overloaded with requests and they can experience downtime. Every time when downtime happens you will have problems on getting to almost every website on the internet. Also get more information about

As a way to resolve these problems several large companies provide their own DNS servers which are very reliable and almost never experience downtime.

To change your DNS server settings you will need to go to your internet connection network settings and put addresses below there.

OpenDNS IP addresses:

Google DNS IP addresses:

Make sure that you put both DNS addresses there so if one IP address is not reachable your computer can try another one.