How to change your Wi-Fi password

If you're using your dog's name, your phone, your birthday or just 'password' as your Wi-Fi connection password it is time to change it. There are various ways how hackers can get into your system just by parking somewhere in the neighborhood of your house and doing attack from their laptop. There are various tools available on internet for performing password capture and brute force attack. So if your password is simple and short it can be very easily captured and your network could be compromised. And if a hacker gets access to your Wi-Fi network it can further hack into your home computers and do a great deal of damage without you even noticing. Thus it is very important to make sure that your Wi-Fi network has the best protection possible.

Below are steps how to generate and change your Wi-Fi network password. First you need to generate a good password. There are multiple password generators available on the internet.

Below are couple of examples:

Make sure that you generate password which is long. 12-16 characters is a good length. Also add some punctuation to it. It will make hacker's life much worse.

Now you will need to change your router password. The best thing to do for this is to find a manual for your router and find a chapter in it which refers to "Change SSID password". There you will have instructions specific to your router. Also get more information about 192.168.O.1

If you don't know how to get to your router please visit home page of this website. There we have instructions on how to find your router IP and connect to administrative interface.